A Mountain Close Up is Only Rock

HD Video, 5.1 Audio
Duration 13 min

A Mountain Close Up is Only Rock (2016) is an archaeology of the digital footprint of architect Jørn Utzon, specifically through a mysterious house he built on the island of Mallorca and the building’s scant presence online. The work explores the possibility of visiting an architecture from a distance; between Utzon’s distant relationship with the Sydney Opera House which he never saw complete, and research which discovered growth in grey matter in London taxi driver’s while studying for The Knowledge, a test in which they learn all of the city’s streets. Through this distant viewing the work proposes biological affect through exposure to the built environment, considering in return the possibility of architecture as an over spilling of the human mind into physical space. The work operates through a series of unfixed, incidental voices, glitches and sounds presented in surround sound, with the ‘slide projector’ clicking behind the audience.