Apeirophobic Framework

HD Video
Duration 10 min

Apeirophobic Framework explores problematic and poetic possibilities of understanding in relation to ideas of time, future and artistic practice. The term Apeirophobia, meaning fear of the future or fear of infinity, is taken as a strategy for approaching an event with simultaneous relationship to its past, present and future.
The work is formed of a staged discussion between the artists, taking place in tandem with a series of floating shots of objects and images scattered around their studio. Proposing an understanding born of a collaboration between language and image, the discussion is brought to a head in a diagrammatic and didactic summary.
This staging or rehearsal of a practice is expanded by the conversation’s repetition where the artists are depicted in complete opposite, their roles and lines switched, the objects and images changed, forming a parallel universe of the same event.

Exhibited at:
Eastside Projects, Birmingham 2015
PI Artworks, London 2015
Centrum, Berlin 2016
fiebach, minninger, Cologne 2019

Winner of the FACT and Channels Production Prize, Liverpool/Melbourne 2015