Slow Violence

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HD Video, 5.1 Audio
Duration 30 min

A manifesto pitches urban regeneration as ‘slow violence’ – a process of massive man-made environmental change, unnoticed due to its slow pace. The characters attending the manifesto position themselves in relation to the city it describes. Torn between its seduction and its oppression, they come to realize that they do not live in a city, but in a machine; a machine which trains them for its use.

Written and Directed by Kihlberg & Henry

Charley Kryssia

Chaise Longue
Sam McPhillips

Samuel Bossman

Brooke Jones

Director of Photography
Matthew Noel-Tod

Edward Tucker

Camera & Lighting Assistant
Eliott Mussi

Sound Recordist
Rory Smith

Slide Photography and Slide Projector Footage
Kihlberg & Henry

Music by Bernard Falaise

3D Animation
Alex Carmichael

Nick Barrett
Ryan Kalkmam
Sam Bullivant
Vlada Maria Tcharyeva

Production Photography
Sam Bullivant

Thanks to

Benjamin Cook
Matthew de Pulford
Dave Charlesworth
Josh Whitaker
Kelly Large
Moira Gil
Ian Bell
Dan Hunt
James Ryan
Andy Clydesdale
Suzie Jones
Jacqui Mcintosh
Adrian Haak
Ashley Koenigsberg
Anna Lytridou
Drawing Room, London

With funding from
Arts Council England
The Elephant Trust

Commissioned by Whitstable Biennale

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