This Building, This Breath

Video with Live Voiceover
Duration 15 min

This Building, This Breath begins with a meditation, a breathing screen in a dark room showing the electric blue of a beamer on standby. A voice from behind the screen guides the audience through an increasingly intense series of thoughts, leading to the idea that the room itself might be breathing: that architecture and the body are becoming one. A wide selection of found footage explores in collaboration with the voice cultural ideas of breathing, but also of buildings in motion: a giant earthquake simulator, powerful tsunamis carrying houses, elevators in free-fall, contrasted with their Hollywood equivalents. When the meditation ends, the screen scrolls through a series of images of windowless buildings, before the unseen speaker starts over with the meditation.

Exhibited at:
fig-2, ICA London 2015
Plymouth Arts Centre 2016
Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool 2016
Camden Arts Centre,London 2016

Commissioned by fig-2, supported by the Art Fund, Outset, and Arts Council England